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HR Reads Book Club

A book club for anyone in the HR profession, anywhere in the world.

​ 8 Books a Year | Boundless Inspiration & Networking | Online | Free!

We're currently in the 4th season: download the brochure to learn more.

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  • The HR Reads Book Club was founded in June 2021 after a viral LinkedIn post. The vision is to be the largest reading community for HR professionals in the world. Our purpose is to be a networking space for HR professionals to read and explore ideas that may help them make an impact, all at no charge.

  • Club values: Open Mindedness + Engagement + Professionalism + Fun

  • We have members from the UK, Norway, Botswana, US, Ghana and Kenya.

  • The reading themes: Economics, creativity, innovation, philosophy, commerce, behavioral science, psychology, leadership and wellness. 

  • Target members: Anyone in the HR/People Management field from anywhere in the world. Examples include: HR Student, HR Officer, People/Data Analytics Specialist, HR Instructor, HR Trainer or Professor, HR Manager, HR Director, CHRO, HR Consultant. 

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Hi, I'm Muthoni Muriithi

I started HR Reads with the simple intention of service. I know my fellow HR professionals get quite busy and would appreciate some help in choosing the right books to read, and getting into an active community of readers. So I volunteer my time to do it. 

I believe that HR minds can help solve many of the problems in the world of work by drawing from the ideas in books, carefully introspecting and having meaningful debates. 

Let's connect on LinkedIn; 

Club Structure, Format & Rules

Club Structure

  • It is an international book club, and a platform for meaningful engagement and networking for HR professionals around the world.

  • It is fully digital/online.

  • It is free to join.

  • At the start of each season, an email is shared to members with details of the books and links to the online book discussions.

  • Sign-up periods are in January and August each year.

  • It has 2 seasons a year, each being 4 months long; February to May, and then August to November. 

  • The rest of the months are excluded because they are particularly busy periods

Reading Format

  • We read 4 books per season (with an occasional bonus book),

  • On the last week of each month, the book of the month is discussed in an online Google Meet session.

  • The time is chosen to accommodate member availability and time zone differences. 

  • It is up to you to choose to read all the books simultaneously or read a book at a time. What matters is that you spare time to read and have something to share in the book discussions.

Club Rules

Before you sign-up to join the HR Reads Book Club, please read the TERMS & CONDITIONS below carefully:

  1. Join only if you can read the books in the season, and can attend the online discussion sessions.

  2. Fill the membership form to join (it takes 2-minutes): form link

  3. Download the brochure for details and links to the book discussion sessions.

  4. You must have a G-mail account. All book discussion sessions which are held via Google Meet.

  5. The books of the season are all available as e-books via Amazon. 

  6. To enjoy the club more, network and get snippets of the books of the season, follow the club on LinkedIn and Instagram.

  7. Come to the discussion session with an open mind, ready to be engaging and professional.

  8. If you have questions, please write to

Seasons 4 is here, 4 new books!


Past Seasons

The book club was literally created out of public demand on LinkedIn. What started as a post I put up asking for HR book club referrals led to me creating HR Reads. See the original LinkedIn post here.

The post trended, gathering over 13,000 views and 216 comments from HR professionals encouraging me to start a book club, and so I did.


Laurence Githinji the founder of Men's Book Breakfast volunteered to mentor me through the process and I owe him a debt of gratitude. 

See the books we read in the 3-page launch presentation I prepared here.

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Season 2: October 2021 - December 2021

This was a great season and the books were enjoyed by the members. I reduced membership from 60 in the previous season to 30 members, and changed the logo to make it literal.

With Season 3, I have created a home for the club on this website, opened it up for international membership and introduced Slack and Google Meet as our digital platforms. This is all with the hope that coordination will be easier for me (I do this all on my free time) and that I will have more time to engage with you as we read this season's book selection.

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Season 1: July 2021 - August 2021

Season 3: Jan 2022 - June 2022